The City of London is the most accessible part of the Capital, served by 15 Tube stations, seven Tube lines, eight mainline stations, multiple bus routes and a fast-evolving bicycle network.

Understandably, with a working population of 513,000 and home to over 8,000 residents, delivering modern transport infrastructure changes to historic Square Mile streets is uniquely challenging.

That is one reason why the City Corporation’s most senior decision-making body, the Court of Common Council, last voted to approve bold proposals that form a 25-year draft Transport Strategy. This means a variety of things. The most drastic change will be that the Square Mile will become the first area in the UK with a 15mph speed limit, subject to government approval.

And it doesn’t stop there. The Transport Strategy includes proposals for a Zero Emissions Zone, and making the most efficient use of street space by significantly reducing motor traffic, prioritising the needs of people walking, and delivering a world-class public realm.

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