Earlier this year the City Corporation’s Members Diversity Working Party proposed a voluntary Members’ Diversity Charter for Common Councillors in the City. The aim is to drive change by publicly demonstrating that Councillors are personally committed. One of our pledges as Alderman and Councillors for the Ward of Cheap is that we will promote diversity and inclusion in the City and all four of us have signed up to the Charter now it has been launched!

Text of the Diversity Charter

The City flourishes today by attracting international talent and innovating to succeed. I believe that attracting a wider pool of talent to engage with the City of London Corporation will build a City fit for the future.

To support this, I will:

  1. Encourage businesses, when engaging in voter registration, to select voters which reflect their diverse workforce;
  2. Whilst being conscious of capabilities, consider the gender (sex) and ethnic mix of committees when voting on appointments to committees;
  3. Consider how images posted on social media when on City Corporation business might be perceived;
  4. Consider the diversity of candidates when proposing themfor the Freedom of the City and how they reflect the City’s communities;
  5. Undertake or refresh unconscious bias training;
  6. Seek to introduce new people, from diverse backgrounds, to the City, for example, through invitations to functions;
  7. Look out for talented people, from diverse backgrounds, who could make a contribution to the work of the City Corporation and encourage them to consider standing for election.