As the City re-emerges from lockdown, as elected representatives for the Ward of Cheap we have been speaking to City workers, residents and businesses around Cheapside.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, nearly all Council meetings continued as planned (albeit virtually), to ensure we continued to discuss key issues, provide democratic scrutiny and take important decisions on how to respond and shape our City going forward.

For example, we have raised several issues with the City Corporation, and where possible helped SMEs in our Ward. SMEs make up about 40% of employment in the City.

No doubt there are challenges ahead, but as ‘The Economist’ recently concluded, Cities remain invaluable as places where people can build networks and collaborate far more effectively than remotely.

We are now returning in the next few weeks to working at times from Guildhall, and hosting meetings there, in line with Government guidance to return to the office. We firmly believe that the City continues to offer the ideal platform for business in person.

We also all need to support those small businesses that have loyally served us in the past, who have been patiently waiting for us to return.

We are confident that the City of London will continue to play its role as a global hub for business, creativity and culture – we hope that as you return you will see what we have been up to make the City safe and welcoming for all.

Warm regards,

Alderman Robert Hughes-Penney

Deputy Alastair Moss

Nick Bensted-Smith JP CC Tijs Broeke CC