As Ward of Cheap Team we are asking residents and City workers what the priorities should be for the City of London in responding to Covid19. We would like to hear what matters most to you – click here to complete the survey.

So far respondents indicated that main their concerns are around safety of public transport. One respondent asked us about the reopening of the Waterloo and City Line – something I have picked up with the City Corporation’s Chair of Policy. Those who responded also say they would like to see clearer messages and information from the City Corporation and are in favour of a Square Mile version of an ‘eat out to help out’ or retail support scheme.

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For the longer term respondents want to see action to tackle clean air and climate change, and a stronger voice for the City Corporation, as international ambassador promoting the Square Mile and our business sectors.

Some also pointed out that Brexit remains a real concern. As local representatives we have made sure that the City Corporation is taking a clear message to both the UK Government and the EU. Only last week, on behalf of the City of London, policy chair Catherine McGuinness expressed deep disappointment at the “political game of chicken”, saying businesses and households on both sides of the Channel “stand to be the main losers”. We will continue to work constructively with all partners to further strengthen the position of the City of London as global business centre.