July the Court of Common Council approved a report initiating the Pedestrian Priority Streets Programme, a 3-year initiative to improve conditions for people walking in the City which is linked to both the City of London’s Transport Strategy and the Climate Action Strategy. Traffic and public realm measures were installed in Summer 2020 as part of the on-street measures for the City’s COVID-19 response. The City Corporation is now seeking views on the current temporary street measures.

Residents and businesses on Cheapside, King Street, Old Jewry and King William Street were sent a survey seeking their views on the current temporary street measures. Do you live, work or travel through the area around Cheapside, as your local elected representatives for the Ward of Cheap, we would like to get your views to help inform the discussion and shape future plans.

The current temporary traffic and public realm measures around Cheapside are:

Cheapside (by Bread Street) – point closure for buses and cycles only

King Street – one way northbound traffic with a contra-flow cycle lane and footway widening  

Old Jewry – point closure with bollards at the southern end and two way traffic on the rest of the street

King William Street – temporary footway widening

We would particulary be interested to hear from you how the existing temporary schemes are working (or not) and what the next steps could be for these measures.