As the City works to rebuild from the pandemic, now is your chance to help shape its future. In March 2022, elections will be held across the Square Mile to decide who will represent City workers and residents for the next three years. You must be registered by 16 December 2021 in order to vote.

How you can register to vote

Unlike in other elections elsewhere, people who work in the City can vote – and help ensure this remains one of the best places to live, work and visit in the world.

You can fine more information on how to register on

3 things for businesses to know about voter registration:

  1. As we rebuild from the pandemic, registering to vote is your chance to help shape the City’s future. Your voters can help make sure your priorities are on the agenda: from support in growing your business to creating safe, green and bustling streets.
  2. Voter registration is not political – it allows your colleagues a say in the future of the place they work and is a sign of confidence in the City. Strong voter registration numbers in December will be seen in the media as a clear sign that the City is back in business.
  3. Those working from home on a temporary basis due to Covid-19 are still eligible to register, as long as they still have a physical workplace in the City.