It is great after the summer break to see the buzz returning in the Square Mile. The number of people travelling into the City significantly increased in September. This was definitely noticeable when going out for lunch around Cheapside. We also had a chance to meet again in person and to reconnect with residents and City workers at our Ward of Cheap summer reception.

It was a good chance to celebrate the further reopening of the City, reflect on personal and professional challenges we have all faced in different ways, and discuss how we shape the future of the Square Mile. Next year the City will go to the ballot boxes in March to elect Common Councillors for a new three-year period. You can find more information
on how to engage on the City’s dedicated website

At our summer reception the current team of Common Councillors for the Ward of Cheap
Alastair Moss, Nick Bensted-Smith and Tijs Broeke announced they are standing together as a team for re-election in 2022.

Alderman Robert Hughes-Penney and three Common Councillors work together as one team to represent the Ward of Cheap, promote the Square Mile and implement actions to support a vibrant City – this includes championing:

• Covid19 support for SMEs and local businesses
• Promotion of the City in the UK and abroad
• A vibrant Cheapside business community
• Keeping the City safe and secure
• Addressing begging and tackle anti-social
• Adopting a climate action plan and establishing
the City as a global hub for green finance
• Promoting road safety for all users
• Ending rough sleeping and homelessness
• Investing in the City as a global centre for
culture and commerce
• Enhancing and promoting diversity and social