With nominations closed 117 candidates have put themselves forward for elections across the Square Mile at the end of this March. You can find an overview of all the candidates online – our profiles are up as well: https://www.speakforthecity.com/ward/cheap

For the Ward of Cheap Electoral Services have informed us that there are no other candidates standing. This means no election will be held in Cheap, as the number of candidates is the same as the number of vacancies (three).

However, you can meet us and question us at the traditional Wardmote (‘meeting of citizens’)on Wednesday 23 March at noon, at Wax Chandlers’ Hall on 6 Gresham Street. At this meeting we will be officially re-confirmed as your team of Councillors for a three-year term.

We would like to thank everyone for your confidence. It is an absolute privilege to serve as your Common Councillors. Over the last few weeks we’ve had a chance to meet many City workers and businesses directly to discuss your priorities, and we shared a survey to get your views.

Your two top priorities were clear, 75% of respondents expect strong engagement and clear communications from us as your local Councillors, and 87% said that ensuring the City remains globally competitive should be our top priority.

Your feedback has shaped our commitments – Click below to read more about our manifesto:

We are determined to continue to listen to you, represent your views and help accelerate the City’s recovery, keeping it globally competitive and locally vibrant.

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