Ward of Cheap Team

In March 2022 elections for Common Councillors took place across the Square Mile.

For the Ward of Cheap Common Councillors Nick Bensted-Smith, Tijs Broeke and Alasatair Moss were re-elected by the traditional Wardmote (or meeting of citizens).

We would like to thank everyone for your confidence. It is an absolute privilege to serve as your Common Councillors. Check out this overview of our work ‘We promised and delivered’:

This website keeps you up to date on the work of Robert Hughes-Penney as our Alderman, Alastair, Nick and Tijs as your Common Councillors representing the Ward of Cheap.

Ward of Cheap Team

Ward of Cheap Team: Tijs Broeke, Robert Hughes-Penney, Alasatair Moss, Nick Bensted-Smith

The Ward of Cheap placed in the heart of the City covers an area ranging from Cheapside to Gresham Street and the Guildhall Yard, including St Martin’s-le-Grand and Old Jewery.

Promoted by Robert Hughes-Penney, Alastair Moss, Nick Bensted-Smith and Tijs Broeke, Guildhall, City of London.