Alastair Moss

Alastair has represented the Ward of Cheap since 2013. He’s led on the successful Cheapside Business Alliance for the City Corporation, which has helped promote the area as a great destination to work, live and visit.

He has been involved in cleaning up the Air in the City since 2010 and won an award for Clean Air on London for this work. Building upon this, Alastair has chairs the City’s Transport Strategy Working Party, promoting pioneering ways of dealing with road safety, pollution and congestion.

Alastair is Chair of the Planning & Transportation Committee, which helps shape the future of the City’s built environment – from its residential areas to the skyline and the supply of quality places to work and relax.

He was also Deputy Chair of the City’s property and investment fund, which helps fund over £120m of public and charitable causes each year for the good of London as a whole.

Alastair has worked in the City for most of his 23 year career as a lawyer, and enjoys a number of non executive roles for charities and property companies.

He believes that the City can be proud of its past and also confident of its future – staying at the forefront of innovation, diversity and acting as a responsible steward to maintain its world class status.