Your Team

Your ward team: Tijs Broeke, Alastair Moss, Nick Bensted-Smith

The Ward of Cheap is represented by three Common Councillors (also called Common Councilmen in the City):

Alastair Moss

Nick Bensted-Smith

Tijs Broeke – See also:

Nick, Tijs and Alastair are running together as a team to seek re-election as the three Common Councillors representing the Ward of Cheap in 2022. During the election period this website will provide information about their election programme and commitments.

Aldermen are elected seperately from the Common Councillors. After the election this website will continue to provide regular updates on the work of both the Alderman and Common Councillors.

Our work

When we were elected we promised to keep everyone up to date on our activities as local representatives. This website provides a regular update on our work, and together we report back on our work as local representatives through our Ward of Cheap report or annual meetings with voters in Cheap.

In these reports we feedback on key issues we have taken the lead on as a team over the last few months.

For example as Chair of the Transport and Planning Committee, Alastair is spearheading a new transport strategy for the Square Mile

As members of the Police Authority Board Nick and Tijs continue to work hard to ensure the City Police is responsive to local community needs.

Tijs has taken on the role of Deputy Chair of the Police Authority Board and the Homelessness & Rough Sleeping Sub Committee. Nick chairs the City’s Financial Investment Board.

All three Common Councillors for the Ward of Cheap serve on the Policy and Resources Committee – the main decision making body of the City Corporation.

Robert as our Alderman is supporting the Lord Mayor in promoting the City of London in the UK and globally.