Space for pedestrians

July the Court of Common Council approved a report initiating the Pedestrian Priority Streets Programme, a 3-year initiative to improve conditions for people walking in the City which is linked to both the City of London’s Transport Strategy and the Climate Action Strategy. Traffic and public realm measures were installed in Summer 2020 as part of the on-street measures for the City’s COVID-19 response. The City Corporation is now seeking views on the current temporary street measures.

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Ward of Cheap reception

We hope you had a chance to get a good summer break. Walking around Cheapside this week it’s good to see lots more people out and about. Time to reconnect!

If you live or work in the Ward of Cheap we would like to invite you – feel free to bring a colleague – to our summer party on Thursday 16 September from 17:00 – 18:30.

This year our Ward reception is held in a garden. But we will relocate indoors if the weather isn’t great!

Please RSVP to Tijs Broeke and let us know if you want to bring a colleague.